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"The book is the alpha and omega of all knowledge, the starting point of every science!" - Stefan Zweig. The study of any science begins with the book, in which all previously acquired knowledge are included. Whether it's quantum mechanics, or the cultivation of grapes. Any initial knowledge we take from the books. Children learn from the books, which are animals which the characters are real and which are imaginary. On examples of literary characters can be carried out excellent education, comparing and analyzing their behavior. The book - it is the cornerstone. Without the book of life loses meaning and beauty. Perhaps the daily reading of the forces is not for everyone, but we believe that is not harmful to replace the TV to the book. But to abandon the books in principle, but also to convince themselves and others in their uselessness - is pure crime. In addition to this, the book - it's not just a storehouse of knowledge. Reading books - a first-class trainer for the brain activity. This is the best sleeping pill and a great psychologist. The book helps to always arrive in a good mood, have their point of view, a beautiful and correct it. Reading a good book enlightens the brain and makes it susceptible to any new information.

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